I'm a freelance illustrator based in San Francisco.

Prior to going freelance, I worked for 10 years as a graphic designer in advertising, fashion, corporate marketing, startups, and even a gaming company. All of these experiences have given me a wide breadth of skills and an appreciation for many different kinds of projects.

With my design background and the ability to illustrate both on and off the computer (ranging from stippling to vector artwork), there's a lot of versatility when it comes to what I can offer my clients. The approach I have towards my work is light, humorous, and forward-looking. I'm particularly interested in working with clients involved in science, tech, food, sustainability, social and economic justice, architecture, and also music, as I'm a classically-trained musician with synesthesia.

Clients include: Old Navy, Salesforce, Facebook, Chronicle Books, McKesson, Autodesk, Harborside, 7x7 Magazine, Betabrand, and the San Francisco Planning Dept.

I love meeting new people and collaborating with other creative thinkers. Have a project in mind or just want to connect? Say hello!



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