Hello! I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in San Francisco.

Before going freelance, I'd worked in a variety of industries including advertising, corporate marketing, startups, and even a gaming company. All of these experiences have given me a wide breadth of skills and an appreciation for many different kinds of projects.

The approach I have towards my work is light, humorous, and forward-looking. Being both a graphic designer and an illustrator who can do traditional drawing as well as work in vector, I'm very versatile in what I can offer clients. I'm particularly interested in bringing brands to life through logo design, package design, and illustration. Also, being the proud nerd that I am, I'm also interested in creating illustration work for science publications, tech, and anything involving music, as I'm also classically trained on piano.

Clients I've worked with include:

Old Navy, Salesforce, Facebook, Berklee College of Music, McKesson, Harborside, 7x7 Magazine, Habitat for Humanity, Betabrand, The New Wheel, Quid, and the San Francisco Planning Dept.

I love meeting new people and collaborating with other creative thinkers. Have a project in mind or just want to connect? Say hello!



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